Saturday, 8 December 2001
1:30 pm
Posada del Tepozteco
Tepoztlan, Morelos, Mexico
Where and when?

We are very happy to share such an important day with you! You will honor us with your presence - so we hope to see you here! To share this day, we have chosen to have our wedding in the town of Tepoztlán. It is a very relaxing and pleasant town which is accessible enough from Mexico City, yet far enough so that we can enjoy a nice day away from the noise of the city. This will be a daytime party, which will begin at 1:30 pm.
If you are flying to Mexico

The closest international airport is the Mexico City International Airport - Benito Juárez (MEX). Aeromexico, Mexicana, Delta, United, American Airlines, Continental, and many other airlines fly nonstop flights from overseas. It is highly recommendable to arrive at MEX at noon, December 7th, at the latest, since we would like you to avoid the inconveniences of arriving in a big city at a late hour, and attempting to embark on a highway journey late in the evening. The airport has a hotel, restaurants, money exchange services, and teller machines.

Transport from the airport

If you arrive on Thursday or earlier, you will probably want to stay in Mexico City your first night. You can take an official airport taxi. The taxi can be hired from a counter just outside customs. Only cash is accepted - Mexican pesos (MXN) or US dollars (US$1 = MXN$9.5). Fixed fares: to the city center, MXN$80; to Polanco, MXN$142.

You may want to go directly to Tepoztlán or Cuernavaca. Both are 50 miles south of Mexico City; options:

(1) Take an airport taxi from the airport to Tepoztlán or Cuernavaca. Three car sizes: sedan (MXN$1100, fits 4 pax and 4 small suitcases); Ichiban (MXN$1500, 7 pax and 7 small suitcases); Suburban (MXN$1700, 7 pax and 7 medium-sized suitcases). The counter is just outside customs. They take only cash, either in MXN or USD. You must also pay toll booths (less than MXN$100).

(2) You can ask your hotel to organize transport for you. The car will wait for you at the airport. Prices will be similar to taking an airport taxi. It may be necessary to pay in cash.

(3) A comfortable bus leaves the airport every 45 minutes for the Cuernavaca bus station (the last one leaves at 23.00), and charges MXN$85 per passenger (MXN cash only). From there, a taxi to Tepoztlán (20 mins) should cost around MXN$100.

(4) You can rent a car at the airport, although I would not recommend this for only two days. The counters for Hertz, Avis, National, and others are right outside the customs exit; it is highly recommendable to make a reservation beforehand. Remember to carry at least MXN$100 in cash for toll booths.

Driving from Mexico City to Tepoztlán

(1) Find Avenida Insurgentes, and take it south. (Av. Insurgentes is the longest avenue in Mexico. It crosses the entire city from north to south.)
(2) Continue on Av. Insurgentes Sur all the way to the southern edge of the city. You will start to see signs for "Cuernavaca Cuota". (You will also see signs for "Cuernavaca Libre".)
(3) Follow the signs to "Cuernavaca Cuota". This is Federal Highway 95.
(4) A couple of kilometers down the road is the first toll booth. You must pay MXN$70 (only Mexican pesos are accepted). You are at Km 23 of Highway 95.
(5) Follow the highway. At Km 72, you will see the exit for "Cuautla y Oaxtepec". Take this exit.
(6) After the exit, continue for another 8 kilometers until you reach a toll booth (MXN$19).
(7) Immediately after the toll booth, take a right towards Tepoztlán.
(8) One kilometer later, when you arrive at the "T", go left.
(9) Another kilometer down the road you will be in the town of Tepoztlán. You are on Avenida 5 de mayo. (You will see signs for Posada del Tepozteco. Also, anyone can show you the way from here.)
(10) Take Industrias street towards the left, up the hill.
(11) Go up two blocks, then take Paraíso street towards the right.
(12) Follow Paraíso for three blocks or so, and you will find Posada del Tepozteco on your right. The address is Paraíso #3, Tepoztlán.


Please bring them! We'd be happy to have them at the wedding! Let us know if you are bringing them to the wedding so we can arrange for the food they'd like to eat. Also check with your hotel to see if they can provide the facilities you might need for them.


Basically there are three recommended alternatives: stay in Tepoztlán, in Cuernavaca, or in Mexico City (México Distrito Federal, or México DF).

Tepoztlán ("place of the copper axe") is a peaceful town sprawling over a valley ("the sacred valley"), surrounded by jagged mountains. This is where we are having the party, so it will be very convenient for you to stay here. Tepoztlán is blessed with a spectacular scenery and a very pleasant climate year-round. The main attractions are to stroll around the town, see the market, rest, and take walks in the surrounding areas. The flora of the Tepoztlán valley is so attractive that it was considered the flower garden of the Aztec emperors. A steep one-hour hike takes you up to the summit of one of the surrounding hills, where the tlahuica people built a pyramid dedicated to Tepoztécatl, god of fertility and harvest. The church and monastery (of Catholic Dominican denomination), which date from the sixteenth century, dominate the town. There are several lodging options. Since our wedding party will be at the Posada del Tepozteco, this would be a very convenient and pleasant place to stay for December 7th and 8th. It has a splendid view of the whole valley. And there are other comfortable (and also cheaper) places to stay in Tepoztlán. Suggestions:

Posada del Tepozteco (****): telephone +52 (739) 395-0010; email. Can arrange airport transfers. Minimum stay: Friday 7th and Saturday 8th.

Hotel Tepoztlan: telephone +52 (739) 395-0522; email.
Hotel Spa Posada del Valle: telephone +52 (739)  395-0521; email.
Mesón de Amanda (less than US$30 per night): tel +52 (739) 395-1537;
Hospedaje Mahe (less than US$30 per night): tel +52 (739) 395-3292.

Cuernavaca, "city of eternal spring", is much larger and more touristic. It is the capital of Morelos state and is only 5 miles from Tepoztlán, so it is very convenient as a lodging base. There are many hotel options, and many places to see and explore. Taxco, classified as a national monument, and whose artisans specialize in silverwork and jewellery, is nearby. Xochicalco, one of the most interesting prehispanic ceremonial centers, is about 25 miles away. Suggestions:

Hostería Las Quintas
(*****): tel +52 (777) 318-3949; email.
Las Mañanitas: tel +52 (777) 314-1466; email. Offers transport from MEX airport.
Camino Real Sumiya (*****): tel +52 (777) 320-9199; from USA: (800) 7-CAMINO; email.

Mexico DF is, as you know, one of the largest citites in the world -- so it boasts many tourist attractions and lodging options. However, it is a bit far away from Tepoztlán, and -- if you have not been here before -- it can be daunting to navigate at first. So we would not recommend that you stay in Mexico DF the night before the wedding, nor the night after. We'd prefer to have you closer to Tepoztlan. However, it is an option to consider, especially if you plan to spend a few days in Mexico before or after the wedding. The city has more than 700 years of history. Today, the main attractions are near the city center: Plaza de la Constitución (also known as Zócalo) and the Cathedral, the pre-Hispanic Templo Mayor, the Fine Arts Palace, and many other historical buildings. The Museo Nacional de Antropología (easily one of the best anthropology and history museums in the world), Avenida Reforma, Bosque de Chapultepec, Castillo de Chapultepec, and the famous Papalote-Museo del Niño (Children's Museum - adults can only enter if accompanied by a child!) are in the Polanco and Chapultepec areas of the city. In Polanco, you will also find many of the trendy restaurants and nightclubs. One hour north of Mexico City are the famous Teotihuacán ruins, with their pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. Your hotel will be able to organize city and pyramid tours for you easily. (A private taxi to the pyramids and back (a few hours' trip), for example, might cost US$90.)

If you do indeed decide to stay in Mexico DF, you should be driving away from the city no later than 10am on Saturday so that you can reach our wedding in Tepoztlán on time. The drive from Mexico City is comfortable and should take a little over an hour, but just getting out of the city on the weekend could easily take another hour or more. Suggestions:

In the city center:

Holiday Inn Mexico City (on the Zócalo): +52 (55) 5521-2121; email.
Gran Hotel Ciudad de México (****), on the Zócalo: tel +52 (55) 5510-4040.
Hotel Ritz (****): tel +52 (55) 5518-1340.

In Polanco:

Hotel Nikko México (*****): tel +52 (55) 5280-1111; from USA: 1 (800) NIKKOUS; email.
Presidente Intercontinental Mexico City (*****): tel +52 (55) 5327-7700; email.
Camino Real (*****): tel +52 (55) 5227-7200; email.
JW Marriott Hotel Mexico City (****): tel +52 (55) 5282-8888; email.


The weather in the valleys of Morelos, where Tepoztlán and Cuernavaca are located, is very temperate, and humidity is low. In December the chance of rain is less than 5%; the temperature can reach a minimum of 50 degrees F by night, and a maximum of 80 degrees F by day. Bring a hat for the sun and clothes for subtropical weather: chilly at night, warm during the day. Mexico City will be chillier, due to its altitude and because it will be winter.


Since you are coming all the way to Mexico, why not make a short or long vacation out of it? There are a number of wonderful places depending on what you would like to see or enjoy. Here are a few suggestions:

Acapulco is only a three-hour drive from Cuernavaca or Tepoztlán, or four hours away from Mexico City. You can also fly to its airport. Other Pacific-coast beaches (easily accessible by air) you might consider are Huatulco, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, and Puerto Vallarta.

Mayan Riviera in the Mexican Caribbean is only 2 hours away from MEX by air. Here, you will find arguably the best beaches in Mexico, Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Isla Mujeres, Cozumel, and several Maya ruins such as Chichen Itzá, Uxmal, and Tulúm. Diving is world-class -- including ocean and cavern diving.

Chiapas, on the border with Guatemala, is one of the most interesting regions of Mexico, and also harbors the largest number of ethnic peoples. This is the heart of ancient Maya territory. The ruins of Palenque and Yaxchilán are here, as well as the picturesque scenery and towns surrounding San Cristóbal de las Casas. The airport at Tuxtla Gutiérrez is about 90 minutes from MEX.

The colonial city of
Oaxaca (pronounced wahaka), capital of the state of Oaxaca, was declared a World Heritage site by the UNESCO for its unique cultural heritage, and for the harmony and beauty of its architecture. You must try Oaxacan food to believe it! Oaxaca is less than an hour flight from MEX, or 4.5 hours drive.

You will find that December is a month of many festivals here, which makes Mexico even more colorful than it usually is.

Wedding gifts

If you choose to use our wedding gift list, you will find it at both of these Mexican stores:
Palacio de Hierro and Liverpool. (The websites are in Spanish only, but are convenient.)

To contact us

We are eager to help you with whatever you might need so that you may come and share this important day with us.

With love,

Cecilia Salgado Aguayo
Ricardo Cárdenas Peralta